Welcome to Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel

The new look of Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel with a unique combination of style, elegance and tropical deco combined with today's luxury standards and facilities provide the comfort and aesthetics the discerning traveller's demand even today. Step over gleaming marble, open your doors to the private balcony and capture a spectacular views of the day and the surrounding mountains. While you're discovering a unique combination of style elegance and tropical nature, you'll notice the unique of Bandung climate. Yes, you are in the tropics, but there's always enough of a cooling breeze to keep your comfortable


Special Promotion!

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Only $299 / night *

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All Kinds of Steak
at Sidewalk Cafe
only Rp. 70.000 nett

Wedding Promo
Turn wedding moment into a beautiful memory.

Barbeque Nite with Live Music at Garden Restaurant only Rp. 135.000 ++/pax

Hotel Tour Package
only Rp. 70.000 nett/person

Barbeque Nite..your saturday night will be more rousing with Barbeque and Live Music at Garden Restaurant. Invite your friends, colleagues or your family and enjoy the sensation of the best Barbeque ever. only Rp.135.000 ++/pax


"Table Manner Package" included Lunch or Dinner, Instructor, Certificate, Guiding Book & Hotel Tour.

for only Rp. 150.000 nett/pax (min. 30 persons)

"Hotel Tour Package" included All Kinds of Steak at Sidewalk Cafe and know more all about Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel.

for only Rp. 70.000 nett/pax (min. 30 pax)